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Elfinger said Walgreens installed these safes in all its Washington stores in August 2009. Prior to that, the company was averaging almost two robberies per week in that state.

Since the safes were activated, there has been only one oxycontin robbery at a Walgreens pharmacy in Washington.

He said the time delay was long enough for police to arrive at the store (while again, allowing the chain to continue to service its customers.)

Source: FarragutPress

Security Cabinet


  • Standard Size: 38" Tall x 16" Wide x 11-1/4 Deep (Custom Sizes Available Upon Request)
  • Optional Viewing Windows With High Impact Strength & Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Three Point Lock Engagement
  • Adjustable Key Activated Time Delay Entry
    • 1,3,5,10, or 15 Minute Available Time Delays
    • 1,2, or 5 Minute Allowable Opening Window Before Lock Engages Automatically
    • Visible and Audible Opening Notification
  • Full Length Continuous Hinge
  • 11 Ga. Steel Door, Top, & Bottom. 16 Ga. Sides
  • Secure Mounting Locations In Base Or Back Of Unit
  • Specification Sheet - PDF

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